Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was tagged by Sarah, so here it is, the fourth picture in my fourth folder.

I tag Whitney, and Niki. (You must post the fourth picture in your fourth pictures folder. No cheating now.)

This picture is of Deb and me way back when we were wee little freshman. All bright eyed, ready to take on the world, and scared silly of this whole college thing (well I guess that was just me). We spent the night with some friends in the Outdoor Adventure Club at a cabin and had a blast sledding and snowshoeing around the next day. We have had some good times. Deb was pretty much amazing back then, and she is pretty much amazing now.


Deb said...

And so, on this trip began the saga that is our friendship! Hooray for snowshoeing!

Liz said...

As lovely as ever! The snow picture makes me want to go... SKIING! Yeah!!! I'll see YOU in Wyoming. Ooh! Whyoming :) There are many good things to be had there...