Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Are Nerds

Keith and I are taking a class together this semester called Plant Pathology. One of the main assignments in this class is to make a collection of 15 plant diseases we collect and identify. I thought I might share a little of the excitement with the rest of ya'll. (Feel free to stop reading now.)

While hiking, walking around campus, admiring friends house plants, etc., we are always on the look out for possible diseases. Leaf spots, lovely.
This white fir in the Uintas was growing this huge mass. Fungi galore!
Oh yes, the kitchen! The fruit bowl and potato sacks are fantastic places to look. This guy had three fungal diseases on him. Nice.
I thought this corn smut fungus was impressive. (Please refer to the post title).
And here is the cute nerdy couple. Lab coats and all.

This was one of the fungi from the peach.
This is a bacteria. Just remember: fungi are fuzzy, bacteria are slimy. That is your take home lesson for the day.
Another fungi from the same peach.
Little bacteria. But you knew that.
Fungi spores under a microscope. Now that makes me feel very sciency.
Umm, this is a little frog. He has nothing to do with plant diseases, except that we found him while looking for them.

For those of you that didn't stop with the petri-dish pictures, save your funky looking plants for us!


Nate said...

Your posts are usually so sweet. I cannot believe you have stooped to posting smutty pictures. I am shocked and appalled!

Super cool frog, though. And if you'd like, we could send you photos of plants, flowers, and fruits that we're experiencing here in Hawaii.

Liz said...

Hahaha! You made me laugh, over and over. Thanks. I'm glad you're quirky. :)

Katie said...

Keep the pictures from Hawaii comin' Nate! It just fuels the desire to go there and see it all for myself.

Deb said...

I had a pretty funky looking half of an avocado that I could have overnighted to you... but alas, I threw it into the trash. What was I thinking?

This post made me chuckle to myself. Nice lab coats. Do you get to count BFOD as one of your collection? I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!

Merrill said...

I love that you are nerds! Thanks for the lesson on fungi and bacteria...I never knew! (This is Karen by the way)

branches 'n' twigs said...

We LOVE the frog! So sorry about the badger. :(

Scott and April Earl said...

So, the picture of the mass in the white fir, I had always heard that was called Mistletoe and that it was a parasite that lived off the tree but rarely killed it. Close?