Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heaving Earth and a Crab

Spring is starting to emerge between winters last storms and flurries. That means that it is back out to the desert with me to check on my seedlings that hopefully will give me something to write a thesis about. So far, so good.

My plots are still there. That is always a good sign.

The only little hiccup (which is minor) is the frost-heaving. When the ground froze it spit out some of my toothpicks. This block had all twenty toothpicks pushed up and out of the heaving ground. Luckily the seeds were still attached and we pushed them back in.

Keith sweetly made the last Costco trip so that I could finish up some work. I gave him a list which he added to by bringing home this guy. We had an anatomy lesson in the kitchen as we followed the internet directions on how to take him apart. Crab+lemon butter=complete and total taste bud bliss.

P.S. If you have Discovery channel be sure to catch the new show "Life" by the makers of Blue Planet. It starts today!!!

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