Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Times

What a busy few weeks! Classes are done! Wahoo! And the work is just revving up.
Keith and I took a trip up to the Spokane area to check on my plots and take data. They are coming along well and Keith is a great field assistant.

Alex turned 16! Don't ask me how that happened; I have no clue. I still remember dressing him up in doll clothes.

My parents had birthdays and turned... well, age doesn't really apply to folks like them does it. I love these two!

Keith and I had our first anniversary. Can you believe it!?! Best year EVER! To celebrate we took a day off between the Spokane trip and my next trip to southern Utah (the camera ate my pics). We went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point (so relaxing and beautiful!) and went to the aquarium to see the new penguins and touch the manta rays (so fun that we forgot to take pictures). It was a great day!

Above the waterfalls at the tulip festival an owl had made a nest and laid her eggs on the artificial cliffs. Can you see her?

Life is so good.


Sarah said...

I can't believe you've been married a year already! I'm glad things are so good right now- I miss you guys!

Brian Hays said...


Congrats on your anniversary!

I just saw your picture of Patagonia - Fitzroy. Wow! When did you go there?


Katie said...

Thanks Brian, I spent a semester in Patagonia winter of 2008. I spent four months studying lizards and traveled all over the flatlands of Patagonia and then took three weeks at the end to backpack around places I had read about in climbing magazines as a kid. It was incredible!
I just checked out your blog again. Tetons-wow! That really is a dream job. We will be up there in August, maybe we will see you guys.