Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Morsels

I can honestly say that I enjoy all four seasons. That is one of the great things about Utah; there ARE four seasons here. (Unlike Western Washington which has two: warm and cold rain). There are a few things however, that I miss about summer the rest of the year. Those include not having to wear long underwear under my jeans, hummingbirds, and my garden. I never thought a little balcony garden could bring me so much happiness. I love watching it grow. It takes some of the city/apartment feel away for a while.

Lately things are getting ripe and ready to eat (minus the lettuce). We have been happily munching on green beans for a couple of weeks but the real excitement came when the tomatoes turn red. We have three varieties but none are as cheerful looking as the cherry tomatoes. If you are having a bad day, just take one of these bright and shiny morsels in your hand, admire it's beauty for a moment, then pop it in your mouth. There is nothing like the moist sweet explosion of a fresh cherry tomato. Try it. Then try not to smile. You can't do it.


Merrill said...

Hooray for your garden! Someday I'm going to be like you and have a garden! I love cherry tomatoes. Delicious. (This is Karen by the way...I'm too lazy to sign out of Merrill's and back into my account.)

Scott and April Earl said...

That is so TRUE, you can't do it!!