Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I LOVE this little video. So inspirational and uplifting. I love that as children of the most creative being, we all have the ability to create.

In the summer I feel very creative. I grow a garden, cook often, crochet, etc. When school starts again I always feel my creative opportunities diminish and I miss working with my hands to create something out of pieces. The garden is gone and there is less time to devote to a creative meal or crochet piece. Instead I do the tasks that my professors tell me to do.

This year I am trying to change my attitude. Part of being creative is developing skills and learning new things. I am doing that in abundance. As pointed out in this video though, I now need to make sure I use those skills and knowledge beyond myself. A huge part of being creative is sharing. I hadn't really thought of that before.


Deb said...

Agreed. I've been working on this myself lately and it has been so enjoyable to discover all the different areas that I can use to develop my own creativity. This talk is one I'll refer back to over and over.

Good luck in your creative endeavors!

Spring said...

I LOVED this. Thank you so much. So very beautiful. And on a side and random note, I love your blog background. :)