Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gone to the Birds

A couple of weeks ago Keith and I went with his parents to Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City. We visited this little but neat place on our honeymoon and Keith's dad had wanted to go for years but never had. We figured we had one decent weather Saturday left in the year so we took advantage of it.

Near the front they had a bunch of native water fowl that were residents there. It was a good way to practice our Utah bird id skills.
Keith's parents and the flamingos.

A few factors resulted in me getting my Christmas present (a camera) early. This was its first day out and I enjoyed its zoom.


I don't remember what this guy is but he was fun to watch. He would strut around and bob up and down.

We saw bald and golden eagles, stunning tropical birds, and an Andean Condor, just to name a few. It was a fun, fun day.

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Spring said...

Awesome!! I love Andean Condors, or really an big bird of prey. In Boise they have a Bird of Prey museum, zoo, something. Anyway, so awesome. Huge birds, and you can see them unclose and see them fly, so cool. I never looked at birds the same. And you look so adorable, super cute, and amazing pregnant.