Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We call him Dare-bear, he prefers Jaggster

It took a LONG TIME but a few years back I got a big brother (thanks to Sarah who married him). I may not have acted like I was happy to have him join the family back then (what are little sisters for if not to be obnoxious) but for the record, it is awesome.

One of the best things about him is his ability to roll with things. Like when Liz first gave him his nick-name (Dare-bear). Or when the family invites him over for dinner as a thinly veiled disguise to have him fix computer problems.

He makes Sarah SO happy. And we love him for it. They make me smile.

He also looks great in icicles. Which goes along with his easy going nature when it comes to our family vacations.
Basically, our family is more complete with him in it.

Happy Birthday Darren!!!

P.S. Want to know something else about Darren? He is going to be a daddy in May! Yep, our little guy is going to have a cousin! Wahoo!


Whitney Hardie said...

Yay for baby!! And yay for Darren's birthday!

Marti Temus said...

Well put Katie, we do love our Dare-bear!!! And although you got a big brother, I got another awesome son (and this one I didn't have to go through the teen-age years with!!! woo hoo!!)