Friday, July 1, 2011

It is a Really Long Beach

The first weekend that we were in Washington the family went to Long Beach (near where the Columbia River meets the sea, and arguably the longest beach in the world). Keith flew in for a couple of days and joined in on the fun.
This area is where Lewis and Clark first encountered the Pacific Ocean. They too began their journey from St. Louis so I guess you could say we followed their route. Does the use of airplanes make it cheating?

My dear "little" brother. He is not so little anymore but he will always be my little brother.

The Charlies staying out of the wind.

Jaggi, party of three.

While we were there a near by town was holding a garlic festival. In short it was a yummy day.

Garlic ice cream anyone? In full truth, this was not the garlic ice cream. Though I did try some, Alex and I weren't nearly as excited about it as we were about this cherry chocolate wonder.

What a sad little garlic clove.

Garlic and local clams. Oh the joy!

Garlic and roasted corn on the cob. Best-corn-ever.

Brown pelicans on the beach. There were tons of them! I later learned in my bird book that these large flocks are a local wonder.

Fondue night. Sarah and Darren are somewhat of a cheese guru couple. Needless to say, the rest of us reap the rewards.

Bike riding on the dunes, light houses, kites, weird shops (alligator man?), worlds largest frying pan, good food, good people.
Wonderful weekend.

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