Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three Things

I posted once before about Three Things but didn't give the background story. Here it is: One night while Keith and I were engaged he was taking me home after a long, hard day at school and out of the blue he asked for three good things about that day. It caught me off guard, but I came up with them. Ever since then, near the end of the day (especially on either particularly bad or good days) one of us will often say to the other "three things." The other person is then supposed to tell about three good things about that day and (because we are uber-romantic like that) one thing we love about the other person. Then the person who asked does the same.

So that is the story and here are today's Three Things:

1. Jogging/walking this morning on the Lake Johnson trail. It was one of those really enjoyable jogs when it felt great just to be out moving. Also, I love all of the birds I see along the trail. And I love my jogging buddy (even if he does always fall asleep by the time we are done).

2. Nutella on homemade banana bread. Banana bread never had it so good.

3. The excitement of seeing loads of family in just a couple of days! Yippee for Liz and Cory!

What are your three things today?

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Liz said...

1. Cute pictures of Charlie that now cover my desktop background. That sweet little face will always make me smile.

2. The thought of seeing Charlie in a little green bow-tie in just a few days. If the cheeks let the bow-tie be seen. :)

3. And... oh yeah, I'm getting married in 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

Happiness defined.