Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Wedding Vacation Part 1: Utah

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Liz and Cory got married! The wedding was SO WONDERFUL! And the receptions were gorgeous! They got married in the Logan, Utah temple, had a reception in Logan, and then another the following week in Puyallup.

We all flew out to Utah for the wedding and spent a few days with Granny B and Grandpa Joe in Orem.

Charlie was a champ on the planes (and it was so much easier with Keith along this time!). He liked watching all the action out the window during our layover in Atlanta.

Liz picked out some simple and beautiful wedding colors. I absolutely loved her dress, Charlie's green bowtie, our bridesmaids dresses, and Brooke's little dress (click on the collage above to see them all). When you are this cute it is socially acceptable to chew on your dress.

Keith's parents (Granny B and Grandpa Joe) drove us up to Logan and played with and took care of Charlie during the wedding and reception. It was so sweet of them and definitely made Charlie's day more enjoyable.

Charlie inspecting Grandpa's tie.

The rest of our time in Utah was fabulous as well. We got to go on our first date in over four months (thanks Grandma!) and visit with family and friends. We had a fun BBQ with the Cleggs on Labor Day. We love and miss these guys!

The Grandparents took us on a walk up Provo Canyon and it was SO NICE! I had really missed the mountains and that non-humid, mountain air felt wonderful!

Along the way we did a little bird-watching, a little botanizing, and saw a beaver too!

Grandpa Merrill (Great-Grandpa to Charlie) came over for a visit.

Four generations of Merrills. What a fabulous group of guys!

We also couldn't miss out on a trip to Mona for a Sunday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Lowe. It was great to visit with them again.

Tuesday Keith dutifully flew back to NC and Charlie and I continued on to Washington for more family fun!

We love our family! Thanks for the wonderful trip!


Deb said...

Oh, how wonderful! I've been waiting to see pictures of the wedding! I'm glad you had such a great trip and got to spend time with your family! I can't wait for part 2.

Spring said...

LOVE the pictures. Wow, love Liz's dress she looks beautiful!!! And Charlie is so stinkin cute.

Liz said...

LOVE the bow-tie!

Marti Temus said...

Loved it all, the wedding was wonderful, and those two grandkids are SOOOOOO stinkin CUTE!!!!!

Karen said...

Her colors were beautiful! Hooray for Liz!!!

beckstarr said...

We're so happy that we got to be with you all!! And Charlie is a lady killer with that little green bow tie! How appropriate that he have a bow tie like his daddy always wears? Your sister is beautiful, and that being said, I totally thought she was you. Your dresses and hair are even similar, and I though you were just re-posting some great wedding photos....until I noticed Keith wasn't in all of the pics. That tipped me off, and I enlarged the photo, to see that it wasn't you! It was so so good to meet up with you all again! We love you!