Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confession: I have a favorite

Turtles on logs, Keith guarding Charlie from the geese, investigating rocks, pine needles and cones, etc.

I generally don't have a favorite season. I really do love and appreciate them all. And if pressed to choose I would normally choose summer. But this year we were in St. Louis during their hottest summer in decades (yuck, yuck, yuck!) and moved to Raleigh right before autumn hit. So this year fall is my favorite. Hands down. I am absolutely loving the way North Carolina does fall. It doesn't cut it too short (like Utah) and it doesn't make it too wet (like Washington). They say the summers here can be nasty, but I think NC has got the autumn season down to an art.

It helps that we live right next to a beautiful lake surrounded by a gorgeous (though maybe a bit small) forest. (Have I mentioned enough lately that I love this lake?) The colors change bit by bit, first on the trees and then on the ground. And the view changes right along with it. As the leaves make their way to the forest floor the view opens up to expose a maze of sunspots through the trees.

I can't get enough of the feel of the air and the sights. Charlie can't get enough of the textures. I stop every once in a while on our jogs to hand him a leaf which he will happily finger and lick. On afternoon walks we stop and let him explore the wonders that await on the ground and he just can't get enough.

Ahhh. This fall is like spring for me: refreshing and renewing.

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Marti Temus said...

So I'm really wanting all these pictures on my desktop so I can look at each one, over and over again.......hint, hint!