Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why did the Merrills cross the road?

To get to the cheaper rent.

That's right. We moved (and are still moving) again. The good news is that we shouldn't be moving again until Keith graduates. Hooray! Three moves in one year is enough for me, thank you very much. Also, now we have an apartment that isn't set up for two single people (two master bedrooms and baths, etc) so we are liking the layout much better, AND it is less rent. Yippee!

It is really hard to keep things baby-proof while moving. It is impossible really. Charlie has enjoyed "unpacking" boxes (read: throwing their contents across the room), getting into things that were previously hidden (like my yarn balls), and exploring unlocked cabinets.

He is also getting braver with walking (though he is still pretty cautious). He will let go of the wall and take several steps to get to Keith or me, and it pretty much makes our day.


Deb said...

Hooray for cheaper rent and pictures of Charlie! Good luck on your move!

branches 'n' twigs said...

Charlie in the cupboard makes me smile!