Sunday, February 5, 2012

Charlie in a Box

We have finished moving (well except for those boxes in the back room...) and are loving our new apartment. Much to the dismay of Charlie, we have donated our boxes to others who are moving. They were fun while they lasted, and the good thing about cardboard boxes is that more seem to always turn up.

Also, I love Charlie's love of being tickled (like in this video). Just tonight we were visiting with friends when Charlotte (the mom) briefly tickled Charlie's tummy. He laughed and as soon as she stopped, grabbed her hand and put it back on his tummy. Over Christmas break Darren would tickle the little guy breathless until he would scurry away. Charlie only ever made it a couple feet before he would turn around and head back for more. He's addicted I tell you.

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Marti Temus said...

Since he likes being in a box so much, perhaps you could tape it up and put our address on the outside. Of course, put plenty of food and a pillow inside for the journey. Send him "special" delivery!!!