Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wonderful Washington Visit Part One: Home

Between a conference in Fargo, North Dakota and a High Adventure Scouting trip Keith was going to be gone for just over two weeks. When my parents heard news of this they offered to fly Charlie and me out to Washington for a visit while he was gone. Awesome.
A huge bonus to the trip was being at the wedding reception for my high school BFF, Dani, and her new hubby which was held at my parent's house the day we arrived. So great.
It was wonderful to just be back home with family. We went hiking, and got out and about but the best part was just being together enjoying our childhood home with the grand babies.
Auntie Liz drove over the mountains for a surprise weekend visit. We loved it! Brooke absolutely loves the little river in the backyard. We loved watching her throw rocks into the water with a passionate yell.
Charlie got in on the water excitement but he seemed most interested in the water fall.
Sunday afternoons on the patio.

Charlie LOVED playing with Plato and Ms. Freddie. He mimicked their sounds, petted them, followed them around, but he never quite caught on to the concept of the game of "catch." Throughout the whole visit Plato would bring Charlie sticks and Charlie would pick it up and walk around with it as Plato followed behind waiting intently for the toss.
It is so fun to cook with Sarah in the kitchen. I love it. Charlie loved "reorganizing" Gramma's pantry which Gramma thought was adorable. Somehow I don't think she would have found it as cute if we reorganized it the way he did.

Seeing Charlie's love, nay obsession, for the stairs, combined with the phone that was at the top, encouraged Brooke to give them a try.
The cousins enjoyed playing together and it was fun to see the differences in their little personalities.
Brooke started walking just two days after we left!
The sandbox was a big hit. It made me happy to see Plato following him around like Hector used to follow me around when I was little.

It also made me happy and tugged at my heart strings to see Charlie explore place where I grew up. It was a magical place for a great childhood.
The Charlie's on the tractor, Gramma in her full garden, and the lawn mowers who are affectionately known as "the moos."
Picking strawberries.

Strawberries with crepes and pancakes.


Sarah said...

Such beautiful pictures, Katie! Charlie looks so much like Keith in that last one with the strawberries! It was a wonderful visit, and we're all missing you!

Whitney Hardie said...

This post just warms my heart. What a beautiful family - I love every last one of you! Your parents' home is such a special place and your children being there make it all the more special. I love it!