Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Jack was in love with this little red convertible. Charlie helped get Jack ready for his road trip by checking his tires and charging his ride. Yep, it is an electric car.
NC State has this lovely little thing called Fall Break. This year's Fall Break was last week so we got two extra days of Keith! Thursday we took Charlie and Jack to the children's museum (Marbles) and had a blast.
Jack pretty much loved anything with a steering wheel. Here he rushes a teddy bear to the hospital as another little medic treats the teddy in the back of the ambulance.

Keith helped Charlie do some shopping. On his list were bananas, he bought out the store. Charlie recently learned to say banana (nana) and thus has become a bit obsessed with the yellow fruit.

Once the shopping was complete Charlie took Keith on a little cruise.

Keith instructs Charlie in the proper way to use the fire truck hose.

Cutest. Firefighters. Ever.

It was so fun going to Marbles with Keith. We all had a great time and that was only day one of Fall Break!

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