Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Christams Get-Away

Keith's folks gave us one of the best gifts ever during our stay with them: three days without the kiddos. It was the first time since Charlie was born (4 years) that we had spent a night without them (not including hospital stays, which totally don't count). I know to some that doesn't sound bad at all, but it was getting hard on us. We didn't spend those two nights any place fancy (just a local hotel) but it felt just like we were dating again! We didn't have to pre-plan every little detail (how long we could be gone, when the kids would be getting hungry, what to bring for Charlie to eat, getting back when the babysitter would need to leave, etc). We just went places when we decided. We were carefree and, for lack of a better phrase, flew by the seat of our pants!

We had some priority things we wanted to do but we had the freedom to fit them in whenever we wanted to. One those priorities was to go to the temple. When your home temple is three hours away and you are somewhere that has them all over the place you must take advantage of it! It was really nice to be able to not feel pressured about time. The session we had planned on was full so we had to wait for the next one. Normally this would have made me nervous or even force us to change our plans but because time didn't matter I just relaxed and enjoyed the extra time.

Another priority was to go to The Quarry. The Quarry is the rock climbing gym in Provo and Keith and I went on many a date there. Our skills had waned some but it was so fun and refreshing to just be doing it again!!!

We also went bowling (one of Keith's favorite activities). I know almost nothing about bowling but I still actually got my personal best score! (Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure I had only gone bowling once before as a pre-teen at a friend's birthday party. I got way below 100 which is a pretty bad score, so it didn't take much to do better than that!)

It was so great to just spend time together. More than any activity we did, it was simply the time together that was so wonderful. It meant a great deal to us. Thank you Granny B and Grandpa Joe for taking such great care of our Charlie and Jane while we were out playing!

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branches 'n' twigs said...

What a fun getaway - happy for you all. Love Keith's folks.