Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We Live in a Beautiful World

 Whenever I hear the song of a bird

 Or look at the blue, blue sky,
Whenever I feel the rain on my face
Or the wind as it rushes by,

(not exactly a velvet rose...)
Whenever I touch a velvet rose

Or walk by our lilac tree,
I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world
Heavenly Father created for me.

He gave me my eyes that I might see

The color of butterfly wings.

He gave me my ears that I might hear

The magical sound of things.

He gave me my life, my mind, my heart:
I thank him reverently

For all his creations, of which I'm a part.
Yes, I know Heavenly Father loves me.

Keith and I were (partially) joking last night about how nice it would be if my first seizure and the discovery of the tumor had been on a day that is easier to forget. I have been thinking about that today and I think it may be a good thing that it is on a day that is not only easily remembered but a day to celebrate some of God's greatest gifts. Each year I can look back and see how many blessings He has given me and how He has guided me along the way.

At the very least, it is a great day to give thanks that I am still here on this beautiful earth that I love and enjoy so much.

And someday, on this day, I will be able to look back and give thanks that the seizures are gone. That day will come. I know it.

Happy Earth Day!


b-rad said...

Beautiful post, Katie!

b-rad said...
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branches 'n' twigs said...

Wow what beautiful places you've been and what beautiful pictures you've taken!!! Thanks for sharing - it was a treat. <3