Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mexico part 1: Lunes y Martes

Early Monday morning Keith and I headed to the airport. It felt weird to be going through the airport without the kids. Keeping track of them, helping them through security, going to the bathroom, and keeping them quietly occupied at the gate. I was looking forward to the flight. A few hours when I could read, rest my eyes, watch a show of my choice all without kids. I love my children, but flying is one of those things that I enjoy a lot more without them.

Once in Mexico we got an Uber and went to our Airbnb that Shawn had gotten for us. Traffic was crazy. If there were traffic rules I couldn't tell.

The Airbnb looked pretty normal from the outside, but it was really unique and lovely inside.

It had tons of natural light in every room. There was this little atrium in the middle with a skylight above it. It was perfect for us.

Keith and I went to lunch at a roof top restaurant down the street then went back to the house to take a nap while we waited for Joe and Bonnie to arrive.

The next morning most of us went to a cafe for breakfast. Down the street was a large street market so Keith and I went to explore.

There were a lot of fruit vendors and I think every single melon vendor offered us a sample. By the time we were done exploring we were full of delicious melon and had bought a couple to bring back for the others.

After breakfast we went to the National Museum of Anthropology. It was very large and pretty interesting. Shawn tried his best to act as tour guide.

In this picture he is probably texting Sandra sweet nothings. ;)

This is what used to be known as the Aztec calendar due to the reference to months and lunar cycles. Anthropologists now think it was used as part of a platform for gladiator-like events.

That evening we went out for tacos. They were yummy, as was the horchata. Best horchata ever.

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