Friday, August 17, 2018

Mexico Part 5: La Fiesta

We woke up the next morning, stepped out of our room and were greeted by a gorgeous morning in the mountains. The hacienda where we stayed at for the reception, Hacienda Santa Maria Regla, is located in a small town but, due to the surrounding cliffs, it feels like it is completely isolated in a beautiful little world all it's own.

After breakfast we went exploring...

A hacienda could be compared to a large plantation of earlier times, complete with a church building. Think Zorro.

These catacomb like chambers were really fun to explore though I have no idea what their original purpose was.

Through the tunnels, on the back side, there is a trail that leads to the waterfall at the head of the small valley where the hacienda is located. It was so peaceful and lovely. I could have stayed for hours.

We had to head back though to get dressed up for the party! Once dressed we all were invited to hang out with Shawn, Sandra and her family as they got ready in Shawn and Sandra's extensive and beautiful suite.
This is how we hang:

Shawn and Bonnie practiced dancing to their song.

The photographer soon arrived to take the official pictures, but once Jenae, Paul, Keith and I were no longer needed we headed back to the catacombs to take pictures. 
...we don't always get dressed up in formal attire...

...but when we do... must be documented. (Do you like my photographer pose? I look legit, right? Right. Good answer.)

After a short cocktail hour (which only served mock-tails) there was a formal dinner. After that the fun began! It the dancing began with the newly weds first dance which included fireworks surrounding the dance floor. Didn't get a picture but it was cool.

Next of course was the father/daughter, and mother/son dances.

After that the party began!
We danced for hours.

I never have described myself as much of a partier,

 but apparently...

 in the right company...

 without kids that I needed to worry about...

 I surprised even myself.

 Strobe-light selfies! Woohoo!

(Grandpa Joe will either laugh or hate that I put this picture on the blog...)

It was a fun, wonderful and memorable night that I hope I never forget.

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