Sunday, December 2, 2007

Here it goes

As I sit down to write my first blog post I am starting to feel the pressure. Do/write something every few days that is interesting enough that someone would want to read it. Hmmmm.... I hope my small audience doesn't have any grand expectations.

Stayed up too late last night (normal Friday occurrence) and had a rough time getting out of bed this morning. I woke up to snow, snow, snow this morning which set everything of on the right foot. I wrapped my cast up in saran wrap to keep it dry and broke out my new down coat. I went with Jodie and Jeff to get a Christmas tree for our apartment and then headed off to work. Three months later and I finally entered the last page of phenology data from this summer. Whoo hooo! At the store they let me drive around one of those electric carts. One of the perks of being a gimp.

Tonight I went to a White Elephant party and I think I got the best gift out of the bunch; a marsh-mellow gun. A use for my new bag of cowboy and Indian plastic toys (a price from a ward activity) came to mind: target practice.


Anonymous said...

hey gimpy, whats up?
at least thats what my friends call me because ( fore those of you who don't already know this) I, like my sisiter, have a cast on my right foot.
when you come back up to washington, bring your marshmellow gun because I would love to use it =)

Alex Temus ( younger bro)

greysquirrelb said...

You're awesome Katie - cooler than me - you have a blog! It will be fun to check out while you're gone...and even before that!

love ya