Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Green Cast

This is mostly for my out-of-Utah family that doesn't get the pleasure of signing my cast. (I know you are disappointed). The snow in the mountains is making a cast extra frustrating, but it comes off in two days so I think I will make it. (Whooo hoooo!) A big "thank you" to my aunt and her family for taking such good care of me. And, Mom, despite what it looks like, I am taking it easy. Love you all!

The day after the surgery was Hunter's birthday!
My toe "hat" I wear around the house.
The thought was that a cast is like a mountaineering boot in that it has a stiff shank. Unfortunately, other differences could not be overlooked.

The snowshoe worked much better. All that is missing is a few toe socks and a few plastic bags.

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Brian Hays said...

sweet mountaineering gear on the cast - I think you'll start a new trend. Your blog is sweet!
Take care,