Monday, January 7, 2008

My Hair Adventure

In junior high I whacked my hair off which resulted in the ugliest frizz ball the world has ever seen. The traumatic experience (and my love of braids) has kept my hair past my shoulders the rest of my life. That is, until now. My future situation in Argentina made me think of "no fuss" options for my hair and what better time to have a bad hair-do? Any major mistake would grow out in four months right? So I entered the hair parlor with apprehension, low expectations, a feeling of recklessness, and worry.

Diep, a very nice lady from Vietnam, sat me down and asked me what I wanted. I explained to her my concern as she carelessly played with my long hair. "Lets do it!" she proclaimed and whisked me off to the sink. Back in front of the mirror I put on a brave smile as long wavy chunks of hair came falling to the floor.

Twenty minutes later I walked out leaving most of my hair behind, but taking with me the easiest hair-do ever, and I love it! It is light, curlier than ever, and doesn't require a blow-dryer. In all honesty there are times when I miss my long hair, but this was the perfect pre-adventure to kick off "the" adventure.

Funny side note: Guys sometimes say the funniest things. Alex says it is bushy, Dad says it is big, and Joe thinks is looks as if I was attacked by a lawnmower. The ladies of the family are a bit more complementary.

Tomorrow is the last day before I leave! And there is still so much to do!


Deb said...

Katie! I love it - you look so adorable! Good luck tomorrow, you'll be incredible!

twigs said...

You are amazingly daring and darling! The boys would tell you you're "Living the dream, baby!"
Miss you tons!

Whitney Hardie said...

I think it looks great. Tell your brothers to hush up before I come after them with weedwhackers.