Saturday, February 9, 2008

Checking In

Hi all! We got back from Gan Gan Thursday and had a very good and educational experience there. We are however glad to be back to the beach breezes, and improved modern conveniences of puerto Madryn. I was putting together a write-up and pictures this morning on my laptop when the hotwater heater sprung an impressive leak. Tiny water heater, big leak, and poor Spanish skills all adds up to an unexpected adventure. So Gan Gan stories and photos have been put on hold. We walked to the internet cafe to use a telephone to call someone about the problem, so I got to use the internet as well. (Land lines are really expensive here so people either have a cellphone, or don´t have a phone.)

Tonight a lady from work is going to a carnival in another city with her boyfriend and has invited Sarah and I along. We don´t really know what to expect except for another tiny town and good food. And the really big news... tomorrow I am calling my family!!!!!!!!! Whooooo hooooo!

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