Monday, February 11, 2008

Pictures of Gan Gan

These pictures go along with the last post.

This is a painting in the school. It has lots of little paintings in the hallway. The girl is holding empanadas (very traditional and popular , and good! food here) and mate.
Me and my straw sun hat.
The soil here doesn't soak up hardly any water. This road is the only road out of town. The day before there wasn't even a puddle or depresion here. It rained for a half hour that afternoon and the next morning there was this. This lady got her truck stuck and we pushed her out with ours. I had no idea so much water could collect so fast!
The general store in Gan Gan. Owned by a very friendly, jolly man who had tons of questions about the United States. He used to be a traveling t-shirt salesman when he discovered Gan Gan and decided to stay. He LOVES this town.

Sheep skins drying in the sun.

A Pechi armadillo. I was really excited to see these critters because I wrote a term paper on them for my mammalogy class last semester.

Leolenamus petrophilus. One of the species in the study. Do you see the single yellow bead on the thickest part of its tail? Yellow beads stand for the number one, so this is the first lizard to be captured and marked for the study, three years ago.

Capon, meat from old ram (very tough). Very traditional meal in the campo (rural country of Argentina). And this is the traditional way to cook it.

All suited up and ready to catch some lizards.

Guanacos. The native llama of Argentina. They are beautiful and elegant when they run
Our friend Mr. Bones at the study site. There are limited diversions in the desert, and were were there for two weeks; that is our excuse for dressing up a sheep skull.


Mr. Walker said...

Cool stuff Katie. That Mr Bones looks like a quality chap. Hopefully he keyed you in on where all the lizards are hiding!

Whitney Hardie said...

Katie, I love your blog, I miss you, I made you a present, and I wanted to Becky's Eddy getting married?

Whitney Hardie said...

just in case you can't follow the link I tried and failed to make...check out jonathan canlas' blog site and tell me if that's the Eddy we both know.

Katie said...

Wow!!! You're right Whitney. That is him! Crazy!

Whitney Hardie said...

yeah, I think that in some strange way your life is connected to that of Jonathan Canlas. You'd better not hire him over me to be your wedding photographer