Saturday, May 3, 2008

Patagonia with parents part 2

Our first peek at Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy from the plane to El Calafate.
The park at Fitz Roy had fun signs and each was illustrated.
Our first look at Cerro Torre (largest of the spires to the left) and Fitz Roy (the big tower) from the bus from El Calafate to El Chalten. You ride along through the brown flat pampas, turn a corner, and wham! you are face to face with what some consider to be the most impressive peaks in the world.
View of Cerro Torre from our first camp.
Even when the towers weren't in view this hike was incredibly beautiful and wonderfully calm as it was after tourist season.
Clouds seemed to appear out of nowhere around Fitz Roy and were often times the designs in the sky rivaled the sculptures of the land.
Dad and I got up early one morning to climb a nearby ridge for a good view of Fitz Roy in the morning. It was freezing! But we still stayed up there for a long time examining every part of these amazing peaks.

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