Saturday, May 3, 2008

Patagonia with parents part 5

Pictures are finally here! They are more or less in order in five separate posts. Hope you enjoy!

We had a few hours to burn between flights in Buenos Aires so we walked to this famous, old, huge cemetery that is all crypts, not graves. It is like a city with walkways instead of roads, crypts instead of houses, and the only permanent living residents are the hundreds of feral cats that roam the tombs. Some crypts are really old, some less old, some are extremely fancy, some very plain. All belong to families. Evita is buried here as well as several presidents, rulers, and generals. The cemetery is right in the middle of the modern bustling city of Buenos Aires but it doesn't seem to fit with the rhythm outside it's walls. It was quite the unique and intriguing place.

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Bennett Family said...

I love all of the beautiful new pictures you posted! They look like they're straight out of National Geographic!