Thursday, May 8, 2008


After a few days in the Evergreen State I find myself back in good ol' Provo and it is a strange mix of comfy and weird. Strange to be at the end of something that has occupied my thoughts and efforts for so long. People keep on asking me what the worst/best/favorite part of it all was, and what did I learn. I find it hard to recap and sum up the experience into a nice neat paragraph when I have yet to fully understand it. It was great, it was hard, it was unexpected, usually are satisfactory answers to everyone but myself. It sounds cliche to say that I see my life and the world a bit differently now, but it is true. And I think it is too early to understand to what extent my semester in Patagonia has affected me. Argentina tossed me way outside of my comfort zone and forced me to take up residency there until my comfort zone grew out to meet me. Now in Provo I feel a bit unsettled; but I think it is healthy to be ruffled now and again.

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