Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Sunday

My cherry red cast has kept me from my Sunday afternoon wanderings around town but has motivated me to spend more time doing other things. For instance, that annoying 1000 piece puzzle is almost done. For all of you who didn't get a chance to come sign my cast and give me treats (which is highly recommended) here it is in all it's red glory.

Marvin, my cello (who also goes by Marvelous Marv), and I have been spending more quality time together these last few weeks. Today, after some Pachelbel, I taught him his first John Denver song.
House arrest has also improved my domestic side. Warm whole wheat bread with honey brought me right back to the days when Joe and I would come home from school and finish off a whole loaf just as Mom pulled them out of the oven. Of course, these weren't quite as good as when Mom makes them. They never are.
P.S. The cast comes off on Tuesday!!!

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