Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time flies when your having fun

I am free!!! From my cast that is. The last two weeks have been busy and fun. Good times all around.

I still can't really climb, but belaying gives me a good excuse to get out.
Dr. Phil Allen teaches at BYU and works with my boss. There are several other professors that I would love to have in this position. "Now before I lower you down, let's talk about that mid-term..."
For work I spent two full days with these guys in Nevada, Arizona, and southern Utah. We got our work done with plenty of time left over for slot canyons, wonderful star gazing, and spelunking. I love my job.
Dr. Allen, Stephen, me, Keith. Stephen and Keith are genetics students working for my boss as well.
One of our study sites is in the new, and very remote Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. Very fun.
This stream and waterfall came from a deep underground tunnel originating from a distant seep hole. We could follow it quite a ways back.
Spelunking! SO fun!
There were even bats! They let us take their picture without flying around. We left them in peace, but it was soooo neat to see these adorable little critters so close up.

These are tree roots coming through the ceiling of the cave. Dr. Allen was very excited.

Melinda. my awesome roomie, and I took a very pleasant bike ride on Saturday. She is simply wonderful.

The plants in the water made the river appear like a stream of Emeralds. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Classes start in one week!!! Can you believe it?!?


Bennett Family said...

you are such an adventurous girl. and WAY braver than i am. those bats would have done me in. :)

Jeff said...

Found your site through google. What cave is that that you did?

Deb said...

Katie! your pictures look like so much fun! Thanks for calling me on vacation - it was wonderful to hear from you and get a much needed update. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!