Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Pictures

Hi all! So much has happened, and I don't have time to write about it all. So here are some random photos since last time.

We have a lot of field work going on these days. Here Phil is explaining to us the lay out of the plots we need to put in on a wildfire site.Oops. This is out of order. This is a flower from a Saturday morning hike up Rock Canyon.
Lunch break at work.
I helped out with a high school science camp that was held at an old Forest Service research station outside of Ephraim. This is the old lab.
High schoolers learning in the best classroom ever! If I had more time I would explain how fabulous this day was and the fuzzy feelings I got as I was a part of this exceptional learning experience with students and scientist from three states.
This is from another Saturday hike. Keith had new gear so we needed to go try it out.
We roasted Starbursts up by this big rock outcrop.
We had leftover Starbursts so a few days later we took a study break and roasted the rest of them. Cristi (on the left) had never experienced the joy that is a roasted Starburst. So we had to make her some. You all should try it to. It is amazing!


Liz said...

Katie, you're cute, and I love you.

Austin said...

Katie! you know Cristi barnes? I bought her contract for spring term while she was in ghana!

Whitney Hardie said...

I love the picture of you and keith. I hope that candle wasn't scented, it seems like it would be funky tasting.

Katie said...

Cristi is my fabulous roomie. Small world!

Sarah said...

Nice to finally see a picture of you and Keith!