Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas adventures

Happy New Year everyone! So far this year is looking VERY good.

This Christmas break my family spent four days in Yellowstone x-country skiing. It was great fun and fabulous skiing. Here is a small fraction of the pictures. It was incredibly cold but very beautiful.

Liz got Santa hats for the entire family.

Alex has grown really tall and since I last saw him and is now singing bass. Wow. He is great.

Old Faithful.

Liz and a bison.

Keith met up with the family in Idaho Falls and had a whirlwind introduction to the extended family on both sides on a two day road trip back home.
On New Year's eve Liz took us kayaking. It was great fun, but SO VERY COLD.

Snoqualmie falls.

In order to get to the river we had to leave the boardwalk. We are rebels.


Bennett Family said...

could your family be any MORE fun?! adoption an option for me? i mean, i know i'm 35, but PLEASE!!??

Whitney Hardie said...

How fun! And HOW EXCITING if you know what I mean. eh, eh?

I love you Katie. And I love to see you so happy.