Sunday, December 14, 2008

...and more randomness!

For all of you who thought the randomness was over with the last post, sorry. But at least this time there are pictures! This week was a eclectic collection of good times.

On a shopping trip I let it slip to Keith that I had never eaten Spam. My mistake. He was appalled and the next thing I know there is a can of Spam in my shopping cart. Oh, dear. I am a brave soul when it comes to culinary adventures; I did eat chicken feet and Argentine mystery meat after all. I can belly up and try some Spam.

And I did. Keith likes it best when it is cooked with pineapple. I went heavy on the pineapple, and it wasn't so bad. I am not saying I would ever prefer this cat food-like delicacy to REAL meat, but it was okay.Keith's convertible has had a broken top most of the time we have been dating. A convertible isn't much good with a broken top, but a convertible top isn't much good in Utah in the winter, so it hasn't been a problem. Well this week it got fixed. Keith was going to try it out without me but I insisted that I had to come along on this top-down cruise of the town. He thought I would freeze but I am tougher than I look. Well, heated seats and a good supply of winter clothes helped. This is Keith's I'm-cold-but-lovin'-it look.

We have been Christmas partying it up lately. Between his lab, my lab, and our wards we have enjoyed a lot of free food (and good times). My ward decided to make it a formal/semi-formal event.

There aren't any pictures, but Keith's 25th birthday was Saturday. Classes are out so we made it a multi-day celebration. There was stuffed french toast, really good Chinese food, family, delectable hot-cocoa, a river, stars, and cake. Oh, and a kinda weird movie that is dear to Keith's childhood memories. Good times.

Lots of family hugs comin' up in 7 days!!!


Bennett Family said...

you look BEAUTIFUL katie!!! mom totally served up some SPAM on occasion when i was growing up.

Miriam said...

David recently decided that he needed to try SPAM, I was totally apposed to it (I don't think you should eat meat that doesn't have to in refrigerator except made jerk that has been dried). He didn't like it very much but then again he ate it right out of the can. Personally, I'm trying to convert him to be a herbivore, like me. I'm glad you survived. It looks like the end of the semester has been tons of fun!

Miriam said...

p.s. Very cute photo of you and Keith from the formal.

Whitney Hardie said...

Yeah, the formal picture - to die for. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. Whoo-hoo for Christmas break!