Friday, January 30, 2009


So there I was starting in on my oh so delightful (do you feel the sarcasm) paper on Voltaire; contrasting public opinion on him in his day and today (is there public opinion on Voltaire today?), when my dear sister sent me an innocent little email. Or so she thought. This email had a link to Essentially the most intense wedding website of them all. I took the bait. Albums and albums of photos of flowers, dresses, centerpieces, hair designs ...oh gracious! I am becoming more girly by the hour.
And then there was the checklist. According to, with 85 days to go until the big day I should have already sent out "save-the-dates," had three meetings with my florist, talked with several wedding dress designers, and ordered alcohol. Wow. Oh, and I am supposed to be holding auditions for bands right now.
Random fact: there is a punk rock band in England called Voltaire.

I am kinda digging the low-up-do.
This center piece says "spring" to me.
As does this one.
I am really liking this bouquet. A lot.

I wonder if Voltaire ever contemplated the potential of white carnations, lilies of the valley, and blue delphinium snippets in the same bouquet?


Sarah said...

Um, I think this is my favorite of your blog posts. EVER!! :)

Deb said...

I love the first center piece, and the boquet. Did Voltaire ever have to plan a wedding?

Katie said...

Voltaire ran away to England with a gal that might have been his lover? But they never got married on the record, or in the Catholic church. But thinking about such things as spring flowers would have done him some good none the less.

Liz said...

He he, you're adorable. And I love the bouquet. :)

Liz said...

Thanks for making us a part of your wedding planning fun!