Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Keith and I are getting married in 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I am really excited).

Finals are no fun. 2 down, 4 to go.

It is snowing, still. I am aching to wear my Chacos.

Liz got accepted to the BYU business school in the fall and is moving to Provo. This is going to be awesome!

I will see and hug my family in less than a week!

My lips have been consumed by cold sores. They really need to leave. Really. Right now.

I am incredibly close to graduating, and my enthusiasm for studying for finals is incredibly small.

Keith and I now have a wedding license and have considered eloping. Don't worry, we won't... most likely...

Life is wonderful.


Deb said...

Hooray! If you do elope I'll still get to wear a pretty dress and eat your cake, but alas, I would miss you. And nobody will want to take pictures of me, so just hang on a few days more!

Liz said...

Yeah, what Deb said. And, you may not get to wear your pretty dress either! Just keep thinking "pretty dress, pretty dress." :) Hang in there, kid-o! In one week you'll be on your honeymoon.

P.S. I flirted with a bunch of cute guys, slept in a tent, and rafted some really big rapids this weekend. It was so awesome!

greysquirrelb said...


Can not believe it is only 5 more days until you are married!! How awesome. I love this post. Perfect for how things are. Hope the cold sores go away...or are already gone!

Katy said...

Good to hear that life is good! I really struggled with studying so close to graduation. That is so exciting that you get married to soon!! I'm sad we never got a chance to go rock climbing again together. Good luck with everything!