Monday, March 30, 2009


Spring in Utah is going through some major mood swings. We had a blissful week of sunny, WARM weather, and now we are back to the snow. Last night we got five inches. Grrrrr. The weather hates me. It is taunting me. Winter is officially over but the clouds didn't get the memo. In an effort to heal the emotional damage the eternal winter is afflicting upon me, I am trying to recall happy snow memories. I have many. This was one of them. A couple of weekends ago, Keith, a couple of friends, and I went snowshoeing up to Red Pine Lake. It was beautiful. There was fresh mountain air. And last, but not least, it got us out of Provo.
Snow can be pretty.

The snow was also really, really deep. This is the trail sign at the fork to Red Pine.

Annie, me, and Keith. Annie is my visiting teacher and is pretty awesome.

This hole offered a view of the creek that was below the snow. It was neat. At least we were apparently all interested in it.

Click for a larger view of this panorama of the Red Pine Lake Basin. The lake is under the snow in the center, and the Pfiefferhorn is the peak on the right ridge. Keith and I have long been planning to return in the summer and tag the top. We might just bring our fishing poles along as well.

This is Kevin: Keith's friend, my Plant Physiology TA, and the guy who took all these pictures. I took some pictures as well but who knows when I will ever get around to getting them on the computer.

Keith, me, and the Pfiefferhorn.

There was a good number of backcountry skiers going all the way the top of Pfiefferhorn, and skiing all the way down. They made it look so easy. I am better suited to the bunny slopes.

So I guess snow isn't all bad. But let's keep it in moderation. Please.

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