Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the Whirlwind Continues...

I have finally gotten some pictures of the last month loaded on my computer. What a busy month!
Dinner in the back yard.
Right after our honeymoon we flew up to Puyallup, WA to have an Open House at my home. Keith's parents came too. It was relaxed, and so fun! Thank you everyone who came. It was wonderful to see so many people who have been such an influential part of my life.

We moved into Wymount Terrace (BYU Married Student Housing). It different from single student apartments. We love it though! Keith built wonderful garden boxes on our porch, and the garden is now thriving. I will have to take a picture of it soon and show it off.

Keith loves his tools.

While in Washington we bought Sarah and Darren's Subaru. For our 1 month anniversary (which was also Memorial Day) we borrowed a friend's canoe and went out on Utah Lake and the Provo River. Oh, the fun we have planned with this car!

There were fishermen. So serene.

My wedding shoes. I bought these pretty blue Chaco's for my wedding shoes and have been loving them ever since.

Keith is going to have his first field study. The only problem is that the location for the study is infested with weeds. Keith did the calculations to figure out the proper mixture of herbicide, per gallon, per acre, etc. (Math and Keith mesh well together. I married a nerd and it was a good decision on my part).

Then we mixed it.

Then I got the fun part of driving the tractor. No math involved.

Last Saturday we went climbing up in Rock Canyon for the first time this summer. So nice. This overhang has beat me twice in the past. But with lots of help from Keith, I grunted and growled my way up and over it. That is me in the center upper portion of the photo. Stay tuned: The plans for this weekend are WAY exciting. They will give the Subaru a more active role in our climbing adventures than just transporting us to the trail head.

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