Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy

The weather is warming up and Keith and I have gotten the fishing itch. As an early birthday present Dad got us backpacking combo rods (sweet) and Keith got me the above pictured pink fishing vest that I have been wanting for a year. I don't usually go for the overly pink look, but if it comes with great pockets for fishing gear, an extending attachment for pliers, and a place to dry flies, then it is my kind of pink.

On Memorial Day we went fishing and canoeing on Yubba Reservoir. Not a bite. Saturday we tried our luck at Deer Creek Reservoir and I caught the above pictured rainbow trout. It is going to be my birthday dinner tomorrow. It and it's friend that we will catch on my birthday fishing trip tomorrow after work.

Watch out fish. I am coming for ya. Me and my pink fishing vest.


Liz said...

This is perfectly Katie. I'm glad there are some fishes in great danger of being caught by you and Keith. Keep up the good work ;)

Karen said...

I want to see a close up of your awesome pink fishing vest! I hope the fish was delish!

beckstarr said...

Yay Katie! I'm happy he nailed it with the present! Sorry that we were sick and couldn't have you over to further celebrate your b.diddy. we'll have to in this next week! We love you guys!

Sarah said...

LOVE it!