Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Blessing

Charlie's baby blessing was this weekend and the whole Temus clan (minus Darren) came down for a few days. It was great!
Little Charlie meets big Charlie for the first time.

These two are adjusting quite well to grandparent-hood.

His Aunt Sarah flew down early so she could stay for an extra day on each end. She was a delight and swooned over Charlie something fierce. She is expecting his little cousin (a girl) in May.

The brothers seem quite excited about their new uncle status as well.

Joe kept telling Charlie every few minutes as he held him "I'm your uncle!"

Charlie's Grandma Merrill made him a beautiful white blessing blanket...

and he wore his daddy's baby blessing outfit...

along with booties that I crotcheted for him.

With the grandparents.

There were four generations in the blessing circle. It was pretty neat.

Family is pretty awesome and Charlie is blessed to have the extended family that he does.

Thanks to everyone who came!!!


Marti Temus said...

That little guy almost ended up in MY SUITCASE!!! Good think for you that his mommy is the primary food source, drats!!

Whitney Hardie said...

I love the Temus family!! That last picture is my favorite. Charlie is darling as always.

Tell Liz not to fear - I am always available to shoot her wedding.

Spring said...

So cute! Love the pictures. I feel so dumb, I didn't realize Charlie was named after your dad. Your dad has always been Uncle Chuck, I didn't even think that it was Charlie. So sweet! You look great!

Syme Family News said...

So sweet!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We are excited that you are moving to Raleigh. We live only 3 1/2 hours from there in Roanoke, VA. We would love to come see you or you us someday.
Janeen Syme