Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Life is full of surprises (as we have learned the last two months) but Keith and I are finally settling on some plans for the next few years.

First: defend theses (next week for Keith and two weeks for me)

Second: graduate (having a baby makes senioritis so much worse)

Third: move to St. Louis (Keith has an internship there for the summer. I am going to find out why it is called the Show Me state.)
Side note: Does the horizon look a bit flat in this picture or is it just me? Whimper.

Fourth: move to Raleigh, North Carolina (Keith is going to be getting his doctorate there working on small grains and wheat breeding and genetics.) This will be home for a few years.

Charlie's plans are a bit more short-term, like "get fist to mouth and keep it there."

Here we go!


Whitney Hardie said...

Yay! I'm so excited to hear your plans. I've always wanted to visit North Carolina, so you can pretty much count on us coming to see you!

Good luck with the Theses. Love you!

Deb said...

Go Charlie! You can do it!

Ahem, I mean good luck on your theses you two.

Karen said...

You three are amazing! I know how you feel about flat horizons....sigh. I'm going to miss our beautiful mountains.

beckstarr said...

BAAaahah no good. no good. Leaving equals no good. But I'm so excited for the adventure that awaits! You guys will do so great! I'm so excited for you guys to graduate, and I'm pining away for more pics. of sweet Charlie. I was so bummed not to come to see him this weekend. Dan said that he looks so good, and that he played a trick on Dad by turning his white clothes yellow! I love it, sweet boy. You're such great padres.

Sarah said...

So excited for you guys! I defend next week, too, and I'm terrified. And I'm also moving back east this summer!!! I'll be in Virginia though, so we could get together somewhere in the middle for some of those gorgeous hikes!

Miriam said...

When you get settled (like maybe next summer) and want to visit DC you will have to come visit us! We are about 4 1/2 hours from Raleigh.