Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Sarah

Sarah is one of the most infectiously happy people I know. She can find the good and joyful in any situation.
Bowron Lakes, Canada
That trip had a lot of not-so-great parts (mosquitos, rain, portaging loaded canoes up hill, etc). It was still great though and Sarah helped make it so.

She is so responsible and reliable.
Sarah sticking with the boat, Wenatchee River, 2004

But you need to keep an eye out for her mischievous side.
Wenatchee River, 2005. I probably deserved what I had coming.

She LOVES seasons. Especially fall and spring. I think of her every time I see fall leaves or daffodils.
Nebo Loop Fall 2006

She is determined. The three of us sisters were sharing this tent on the Bowron Lakes trip. It had seen its fair shares of adventures over the twenty some years Dad had it and it was getting a bit nasty. The mud of this trip wasn't helping either. Sarah made up her mind to clean it and dove right in. It was heroic really.
Bowron Lakes

She is encouraging and uplifting. I always feel better after a chat with Sarah. It is fool proof. This picture is of my first time summiting Rainier. Sarah and Liz cheered me on every step of the way.
Liz, Dad, Sarah, Me. Mt. Rainier 2002

She is creative.
Knitting Charlie a bunting, January 2011.

In short she is a great sister and friend. The Littlest Jaggi is going to be blessed to have her as a mother.
January 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah!


Sarah said...

Aww! Thanks Katie! I feel celebrated :)

branches 'n' twigs said...

What a perfect tribute to the birthday girl. Love you all!