Sunday, May 8, 2011

4 Months

Charlie is four months old! It really is crazy how fast those months have gone by. Just crazy. He has changed from this tiny little baby who sleeps all the time to this sweet little person who is incredibly observant and interactive. We love him!

He has turned into quite the chunk. (If I had a dollar for every time a stranger told me that...) He loves looking at trees and the light as it shines through the leaves. He loves our walks and all there is to see on them.

I never get tired of kissing and munching on those sweet cheeks.

He is quite the talker. He can go on and on by himself or hold a long conversation with you.

He is a pretty good listener too.

He is still a great sleeper (10 hours at night, hooray!).

His newest joy is laughing with his reflection in his toy mirror during tummy time. He also loves "standing" on our laps and looking around with his new perspective.
We are still learning, but life with this little guy is sweet.


beckstarr said...

Ohh, Our sweet cheeked Charlie! He is so so handsome, and I love that he giggles at his reflectoin. Such a happy guy! We miss you guys but are happy for you to be in St. Louis! I'd love to see pics. of your home and neighborhood - it looked so green in the pic. of Charlie and his bumbo. He is darling! I hope you're doing well! My dear friend from St. Louis is named Hillary Christley, and she's so amazing. I hope that you meet in the stake or something. We love you guys!

Deb said...

Hooray for Charlie and graduations! I hope you're enjoying St. Louis!