Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House O' Butterflies (Memorial Day Weekend Part 1)

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. It was filled with family, new places, animals, and a surprise guest. But you will have to wait for the second half of this two part post to hear about that. To start off, Saturday we went to a ward BBQ and then visited the butterfly house. We had been there once before but the camera battery died (sad day!) and so we had to return (twist my arm).

In the spirit of full disclosure the reason the weekend is split into two posts is because I couldn't narrow down the pictures to one post. It is a problem.

Some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy looking because of the high humidity level that they keep in the butterfly house. It feels very tropical. The warmth plus Keith's walking put Charlie to sleep quite quickly.

There were beautiful butterflies and flowers everywhere! Over 200 species of butterflies live in the house (which is more like a big greenhouse).

This moment allowed me to cross Life Goal #95 off of my list (I have 100 written, and no, they are not being crossed off in order, I have way more than 5 left). I have always wanted to have a butterfly land on me. This little one fluttered around and landed on me for several minutes. It is such a little thing but it made me giddy anyway.

Our butterfly friend visited Keith and Charlie as well.

There were AMAZING flowers there! It made me really want to visit somewhere tropical.

P.S. The one picture we did get the first time we visited the butterfly house was of Keith and Charlie in the middle of hundreds of cockroaches. Lovely.

Stay tuned for more weekend goodness!


Nate said...

Hello! Hawaii is tropical!

The best was Charlie's cheeks through the glass dome of the cockroach cage.

Deb said...

Bleh, those roaches give me the heebie-jeebies!

I love the photos though, and those pink and yellow plumerias have become one of my favorites since moving out here. They smell so divine!