Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystery Flowers

I was standing in the shampoo section of the grocery store yesterday when a store employee approached me with the above bouquet of flowers and explained to me that someone had bought them and asked her to give them to me. After making sure I understood her, and making sure she had the right person (I was hard to misidentify in my lime green baby carrier), I accepted the flowers. My perplexed mind started turning. Keith (the only one who gets me flowers these days) was the first to come to mind and I called him.

"Are you at Dierbergs?" I inquired skeptically.

As he denied any involvement I heard lab sounds in the background and knew that he was not the mystery man. Besides, he had bought me flowers a few days earlier when I came home from Washington (see below).

Once home I arraigned them on the living room table and smiled as I remembered the sweet older gentleman that had stopped to talk to me at the store. A baby is much more of a novelty here than in Provo, UT and I never get through the grocery store with fewer than three people stopping me to admire Charlie (mostly his cheeks and how happy he is to wander the store with me). Yesterday the last person to stop me before I left was a sweet man I met in the milk section. He was on his way to the register (past the flower section) when we parted. He seemed unusually interested and impressed by Charlie. Maybe it was just the timing, but his interest and our conversation reminded me of my Grandpa Earl who passed away the day before. I like to think that it was both of them who gave me those flowers.

Thank you for brightening my day.


Marti Temus said...

Wow Katie, that if certainly a "tender mercy" and sweet reminder that the Lord is ever there for us. XOXOXO Love you

Deb said...

What a wonderful story!