Saturday, July 9, 2011


Our apartment complex has a pool which is great when the weather is soooo hot and even better with Charlie.
The first time we went it was overcast and Charlie was a bit skeptical so he just stomped around on the step.

Since then he has enjoyed getting pulled around so he can look at the reflections in the water.

Sometimes he gets a bit too intent on looking and dips his face in. It doesn't seem to phase him too much though; he just smacks his lips and smiles.

He LOVES sitting by the water feature and feeling the rushing water pouring over the rocks. I can just see his little mind working: rapids!

And of course: splashing!

I love our little adventures!


Karen said...

So cute! I'm jealous that you guys have the rocks with the water fountain thing! I bet Charlie can't get enough of it!

ksrfam said...

It is fun to see your family and get caught up. You all look great. Charlie has grown so much! Glad to see Sarah has a little one, and it sounds like Liz is engaged. Is that right?
(Susan Richardson)

Katie said...

Hi Sis. Richardson! So good to hear from you! Yes Liz is engaged. I hope all is well with you and your family too!