Monday, August 15, 2011


We made it! We pulled out of St. Louis Thursday evening and (six states later) arrived at our new home Saturday afternoon. Charlie was an absolute champ but is glad to be out of the car seat. I brought along two new toys (a set of plastic keys and a plastic container filled with objects (key, marble, etc.)) and when all else failed to keep him happy those novel (to him) toys would do the trick.

With the help from one awesome guy from the ward here we got unloaded by Saturday night. Although we were a bit disheveled (anyone know which box the iron is in?), we made it to church the next morning and are excited for our new ward. There were a few other new people there starting school at NCSU as well and LOTS of young families. We took a short drive that afternoon over to campus to try to orient ourselves a bit before Keith had to dive right in with meetings today.

The relative drop in heat (although not in humidity) already has me liking this place. And if that wasn't enough take a look at these pics:

These are the views from our little deck attached to our apartment. Trees! Trees! Trees! Hooray for living adjacent to a forest again! (I grew up next to one). It is so nice and quiet except for the lovely birds.

In short, it is a great area, nice apartment, and we are excited for our new adventure!


Whitney Hardie said...

Glad you guys made it OK. Those pictures of Uhaul driving remind me so much of when we drove out to NY - baby in the middle, husband at the wheel. What a way to see the country!

Deb said...

Beautiful view from the deck! I'm glad you're there and getting all settled in! Can't wait to hear about your NC adventures!

Karen said...

I'm super jealous of those trees! They are beautiful! And great job getting a deck!! Those are also amazing! I can't wait to see what you discover in NC!

Scott and Kaitlin said...

You're so creative with Charlie's toys! And what an awesome place to live! I'm excited for you guys :)

branches 'n' twigs said...

Hurray! We're so happy you made it to your new home and that there are trees. (: