Thursday, August 11, 2011


Top center: Charlie on the brink of mobility. Top right: my last shipment of milk to the Mother's Milk Bank (since Charlie was born I have donated about 28 gallons, yikes!). The rest: Charlie is happiest with a full tummy and boxes to play with.

Good-bye St. Louis! NC here we come! The truck is loaded and we are headed east!


Spring said...

Love it!! Way to go donating your milk, was it a hard process to store it and ship it? When Sierra was that age we didn't have many toys and nothing seemed to really grasp her attention until one day I laid her down too close to a cardboard box and she was in love. People would laugh at us when we would pull out a box and put it next to her for her toy. She loved to scratch it, flap the cover back and forth, etc. Even now Christmas afternoon is all about the boxes. Best of luck with the move!

Karen said...

That is so awesome that you have been donating your milk Katie! I admire you!! Good luck on the move!

Katie said...

Spring: Keith and I think that for Charlie's first birthday we will just give him a box. He would probably enjoy that as much as anything else!

As for the milk, there is a bit of paper work at the beginning, but after that it is pretty easy. They send the box to you when you want it, and FedEx picks it up whenever you are ready. It just required a little bit of freezer space before I would send it. I am really glad I did it.

Scott and Kaitlin said...

What a little chunk! He's so cute! 28 gallons?? That's unbelievable! No wonder Wymount let you have an extra freezer haha That's so awesome you could donate. You're amazing, Katie