Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh the memories

Keith is studying winter wheat, which means that planting season is in the fall (aka: now). In research, there is more to planting than just throwing some seeds in the ground. Seeds must be kept organized because they come from different lines (have different ancestors and thus different traits that are of interest) and are going to several planting sites. Long story short, this all adds up to a whole lot of prep work before a single seed can be planted.

Well it just so happens that Keith married someone with experience working with seeds.

I offered to help Keith in the evenings after Charlie went down so he packed up his stuff and brought it home for a few days. We have spent a few late nights at the dinning room and folding tables weighing, dividing, and organizing seeds into various packets. Our "pre-Charlie years" (crazy to think that there was such a thing) together consisted of a lot of similar activities. As strange as it may sound to many of you, it was kind of fun. We still make a pretty good seed-packing team.

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Karen said...

We love you guys and your plant sorting ways!