Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joey: A Belated Birthday

My little brother Joe had a birthday last Friday. And in the blogging world, I forgot. In the real world I remembered and called him up. In the blogging world I remembered yesterday and felt bad. Sorry Bro.
And yes, although he is bigger than me now, he will always be my "little" brother.

I loved looking back through old pictures of him. No birthday post pictures have made me chuckle so much. It's that smile. Lovin' life.

He appreciates the little things.

He had longish hair in high school. One day some girls got a hold of it...
And he never takes himself too seriously.

We were best buds growing up. He would drive my Barbies around in their Jeep when they needed to go some place. That is about as involved as he would get with Barbies though. I have fond memories of building forts and playing "Davy Crockett" in the pastures.

He has an amazing ability to work hard and focus on things. Take wrestling; he was amazing.

He adds flair to everything.

And he cleans up pretty good too.

He is an awesome uncle.

And musically talented.

Can you pick out Joe? Hint: he is the one taking a picture as they enter the rapid.
He lives life with full energy and a big, big heart.

I love you Joe!
Happy Birthday!

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Marti Temus said...

You have captured our Joey so well Kate! He has definitely added spice to our lifes. I always say, "gotta love ya Joe" and we do!!