Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play it again

Thanksgiving break was so peaceful and fun I keep on wishing we could just do it again. Four days with my dudes was the best!

Charlie helping me keep an eye on the candied yams which he enjoyed later (minus marshmallows).

Keith surprised me by digging out Grandma Temus' Currier and Ives dishes. I love these! The platter above left is one of my favorites with the scene of the pioneers in crossing the Rockies.

The dishes made the meal seem extra fancy. It was fun watching Charlie experience cranberry sauce for the first time. It might have just become his favorite food.

The day after Thanksgiving we made the easy decision to stay away from the crowded stores and go on a little hike in the nearby Umstead State Park.

It was just a stroll but it was fun and included an interesting four-trunk tree (it looked more interesting in real life, which is why I had to go check it out), and, of course...

playing in the leaves. (Double-click to enlarge. Bottom-right: Charlie's newest trick is giving "high-fives.")

We just can't deny Charlie his favorite outdoor pursuit.

Is it just me or is he looking less baby-ish and more little kid-ish all the time? Never mind. Don't answer that. I don't want to know.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving too!

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Karen said...

Oh we miss you!! Loved all the pictures!